« Belgian Fédération of Natives Américans Studies
Wómime Tokála » A.S.B.L.
« Fédération Belge d'Etudes Amérindiennes
Wómime Tokála » A.S.B.L.

Presentation of the association.

Creates in 1970, our association defines as follows :
" Belgian Study Federation natives américans
WóMIME Tokála " (in Lakota, Circle of the Fox).
Its head office is established currently Luikersteenweg, 477, 3783 Tongres.
It is governed by the law on A.S.B.L of 27 June and this since
the appearance of its statuses, 21 August 1980, in the Belgian Instructor under the n° 8768.

" The association has for object to create or to tighten the
bonds of friendship between all the member amateurs of folklore
north - American, mainly natives américans, by an exhibition
conferences showing the life, customs and the morals of the
Natives Amérincans to anterior periods to the 20th century "
(extract from statuses)

President : Charles DAVID. Head office Luikersteenweg 477
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