Won’t it contribute to the happiness of the poor to have access to sterilization and abortion made easier?

The rich seem to have at their disposal a mysterious machine called a eudaemometer, an apparatus that enables them to measure happiness: their appreciation is in fact based upon statistics relating to revenue. With that as their starting point, the rich estimate that the life for the poor has no sense because they have little revenue: It is necessary, then, to prevent the poor from having children. The life of the poor would be worth the trouble if they had access to pleasure and to the wealth that facilitates it. And so abortion and sterilization are recommended, thus making them believe that they will be less poor and, above all, have access to pleasure.

Moreover, it is the same for individuals as for nations: There is no worse humiliation for a nation than massive sterilization of its citizens. This mutilation is, alas, frequently accompanied by a lie, since one "offers," by way of "aid to poor countries," what in the city is sometimes imposed as a punishment to those condemned of sexual crimes.

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