Doesn't the United States also experience a demographic collapse comparable to that of Europe?

Despite appearances, from the demographic viewpoint, the situation in the United States is different from that in Europe. First of all, its synthesized fertility index of 2.0 is markedly above that of the European community where it is only 1.51. Moreover it is well known that this fertility differs from ethnic group to ethnic group. For example, it is much higher among the African-Americans and those of Latin-American origin than among the "WASPs", that is to say, among the "White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants." We should also note that the pyramid of age is more balanced and the proportion of young people higher than in Europe.

We should also report that the pro-life movements are much more active and better organized in the USA than in Europe. Their influence on the media is very important; their voices carry weight during elections, and they have demonstrated many times the formidable use one can make of boycotting pharmaceutical firms. Recent presidents, like Reagan and Bush, have been pro-life themselves.

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