Doesn’t the decriminalization of abortion and its practical consequences, as well as its liberalization, pose serious threats to our society?

The philosopher Simone Weil (1909-1943) wrote to Bernanos:

"Once temporal and spiritual authorities have placed a category of human beings beyond those whose life has a price, there is nothing more natural than to kill. When one knows he can kill without risk of punishment or blame, he kills; or at least one surrounds with encouraging smiles those who do kill. If by chance one experiences at first a bit of disgust, he remains silent and soon he smothers it for fear of lacking virility."1


  1. Cited, along with many other interesting texts, by Jacques Verhagen in the rich collection he organized on Licéité en droit positif et références légales aux valeurs (Brussels: Bruylant, 1982) 166.

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