Isn't the liberalization of abortion the consequence of a new perception of the human body?

A narrow conception of freedom without limits opens the way to an impoverished conception of the body. Despite appearances, we are witnessing the devaluation of the latter. And this devaluing is very perceptible in the phenomenon of cannibalization: one looks upon the human body as a reservoir of organs that can be removed for grafting. Once severed from the person, the body becomes the seat of amorality. Corporeity is no longer perceived as a dimension of personality with which man is situated in the world and time, and with which he enters into interpersonal relationships with other subjects.

This is particularly apparent in sexual behavior. The body is reduced to an object of individual pleasure. The sexual relationship becomes commonplace because it is depersonalized and is simply a source of pleasure. Now as this relationship is depersonalized, the partners become interchangeable. What counts is the variety and variation of pleasures. Individual reason, which calculates and compares the pleasures, is called upon to practice the techniques that best satisfy them.

The infant itself is perceived along the lines of an arithmetic of pleasures. It is seen either as a bothersome body to which abortion quickly puts an end, or as an object giving pleasure to the partners, or even as giving pleasure to only one of them.

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