Why would one institute "permits to procreate" in wealthy countries where the birth rate is suffering such a disquieting decline?

The answer to this question is given with all clarity by the promoters of demographic planning. What in substance do they say? First of all, abortion should be allowed, even a permit should be required in order to live in wealthy countries. Then, following the example of these countries, one would introduce these practices and make them widespread in the countries of the Third World. Why, in any case, should a country that doesn't hesitate to kill its own children hesitate to kill those of others?

That in the long run these practices will prove suicidal for the wealthy countries themselves seems hardly to bother them... Destined for the Third World, these suicidal campaigns wind up turning against the wealthy countries that began them. This boomerang effect will have repercussions in the Third World itself, where there are better educated minorities (more precious therefore for stimulating development) which have access to the anti-birth armory.

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