Isn't it dreaming to imagine that natural methods can be widely distributed and used?

For the Church, instruction in natural methods of birth control must be made part of the basic education to which every man and woman has the right. It is by wide distribution of these methods that we can hope to arrive at a balanced birth rate with respect to the specific character of human sexuality, of persons and of spouses.

The easy means now spread by our consumerist society have the characteristic of unleashing a catastrophic demographic upheaval and of being an assault against the spouses who use them. Moreover, as actual practice confirms, these easy means expose human reproduction to an imperative of planning that deprives the couple of their responsible liberty.

It is disquieting to see that China, a major contradictory example of a developing country and bastion of an out-of-date totalitarianism, is cited with praise by Western contraceptors for the barbarous effectiveness of its anti-life campaigns.

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