Prenatal diagnosis enables us to detect Down's Syndrome. With such scientific progress does one have the right to let live an infant who will be a cross for his parents and whose own life will never develop?

Do you know the celebrated bass Ruggero Raimundi? On November 23, 1989, he related an astonishing fact on Jacques Chancel's radio program. Outside the theatre, Raimundi never sings. He makes but one exception: he sings for his fourth son, Rodrigo, "who was born with one too many chromosomes." Now, mama and papa and the three big brothers accepted and welcomed this little Mongoloid. "For my wife and me, Rodrigo is now a gift from God. A gift from heaven. He has brought us to discover depths of soul within us we never suspected. Yes, treasures which in the normal circumstances of life we wouldn't have seen, because we ignore them." And with his artistic sensitivity, Raimundi added: "Still today, when people hear the word Mongoloid, many of them think it is something to reject, not allow to be born, or to put in hospitals, special places. That is an appalling error. Mongoloid infants should be kept within the family circle. We must love them, surround them with affection. They return your love a hundredfold to the point of extravagance! You cannot imagine my happiness when I see Rodrigo again and sing for him. He is there, smiles at me and kisses me without end. It's indescribable. Rodrigo is very endearing, without doubt, because he feels himself accepted as he is."

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