How does legalization of abortion open the way to legalization of euthanasia ?

The conception of human life that inspires promoters of euthanasia is fundamentally the same as for promoters of abortion. Both believe that human life makes no sense except for pleasure, interest or utility. If someone is an obstacle to one's personal enjoyment, if he is useless, one can do away with him. If someone cannot live a life of pleasure, his life can be suppressed.

This last remark shows that there is a real link between eugenics (today euphemistically called orthogenics) and euthanasia: whether it is a question of an infant or an older sick person, their existence is not admissible unless they don’ t bother us or if they can enjoy pleasure.

Therein we see that a hedonist society, one which maximizes the search for pleasure, fatally degenerates into a society of violence and death.

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