Some assert that we are easily sliding from abortion to euthanasia.

Despite all, aren’t we dealing with very different problems?

a) We must insist on a fact: in countries in which abortion was legalized,  projects or proposals rapidly arose to make laws authorizing euthanasia. Moreover, among those who fight for euthanasia, we also find people who fight for abortion.

b) We also know that in order to legalize abortion, people almost always began by breaking the law and defying the judges – all that in order to change the law. The tactic of fait accompli is also found in the case of euthanasia: they engage in it in order to legalize it eventually. This process of legalization follows a proven schema. At first timidly expressed, combated, lost sight of, revised proposals surface with implacable insistence. Little by little they tame public opinion and bring the reluctance of legislators to an end. They often finish by "triumphing" thanks to the "tactic of dispensation".

c) Contemporary history shows us also that the promoters of euthanasia have sometimes used another route to achieve their end. Nazi Germany, for example, had regulated abortion; it facilitated it for the so-called impure races but opposed it for the Aryan race. But it was above all sterilization on a grand scale that prepared minds to allow euthanasia.

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