The right to abort, the right for women to dispose freely of their bodies, isn't this an essential demand of feminism?

The height of machismo is for men to ransack women's intelligence and will while inducing them to become an object for sexual consumption.

a) Taken in by the same chauvinism, women are inclined to desire their "dematernalization," that is, the neutralization of their maternal inclination by taking hormones and even by means of mutilation. The same thing is already happening with sterilization in many countries of Africa and the Middle East: Women who have been sterilized wind up pointing their finger at those who are not!

b) Under pressure from the Neo-Malthusian movement, women of the twentieth century have renounced the "comparative advantage" they have enjoyed since the dawn of time in relationship to men. Indeed, ever since the world has been the world, women enjoyed the secret of fertility. During this century they have consented to being deprived of this privilege and of being alienated from it. They share the management of their fertility with men or they abandon the charge of controlling it to them.

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