Doesn't the liberalization of abortion concern certain particular categories of women?

Studies undertaken in France and England show that it is above all single women, and adolescents in particular, who resort to abortion.

a) In England, in 1978, 65% of women who had abortions were celibate, widowed, divorced or separated. The same has been found in France.

b) Experience shows how, in particular, liberalization of abortion ravages adolescents, who, from the onset of womanhood, are delivered without defense to every exploitation, degradation and humiliation. In 1978, in England, 2.6% of women who had abortions were less than sixteen years old.

c) Reflection on the liberalization of abortion reveals not only the vulnerability of the infant, but even more the extreme vulnerability of woman in society. As a consequence, it is essential not to separate in our discussions the integral advancement of woman and the protection of the unborn infant.

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