Despite everything, doesn't abortion afford a relief to women's distress?

Set apart the appalling case of women who sacrifice their infant because they consider it an obstacle to their career, their vacations or their pleasure, future mothers in distress await our help, rather than our aid in killing their infant. Besides, it is not by killing an unborn infant that a woman's distressful situation is attenuated. The majority of women who abort are single. An inquiry made in England reveals that 65% of women having aborted were legally celibate. Does abortion resolve the problem of their solitude? In the end, on the contrary, doesn't it aggravate it?

We must take into account that liberalized abortion relieves society of the duty of helping a woman in difficulty. Dramatically, it means rupturing her body and soul; she will be sent back again to her solitude more bruised than before. To say nothing of remorse, there is a kind of "short" distress which inclines one to consider aborting, and a "long" distress that keeps echoing after an abortion.

And so, before any other consideration, there are certain measures which must be taken in order to help women in difficulty and to reassure women who find themselves pregnant; a discreet, effective and warm "companionship." In this way they can bring their pregnancy to term in the best possible conditions, with the prospect of confiding their infant to adoptive parents, if they so wish. In short, one of the dramas of the present world is that there are too many children without parents and too many parents without children.

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