The Gospel Confronting World Disorder


At The 1999 National Catholic Gathering For Jubilee Justice

A Reflection On Jubilee Justice…

Can Amchurch's "Gospel" Confront World Disorder?

by Paul Likoudis (in The Wanderer, August 5, 1999)

In The Gospel Confronting World Disorder, the latest exposition on Catholic social justice by Michel Schooyans, the renowned professor at the Catholic University of Louvain describes in compelling detail the need to reactivate Catholic social action along the lines laid down more than 100 years ago by Pope Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum.

Schooyans, whose last book The Totalitarian Trend of Liberalism, carried an endorsement from Pope John Paul II, sees clearly: In the New World Order's "culture of death", there is only one potentially effective opponent: the Church. And to successfully engage the "culture of death" in all or each of its many grasping tentacles, Catholics must first understand the enemy, oppose it resolutely, and most importantly, produce a social and political program that can nourish a "civilization of love."

There is plenty of work for everyone, says Schooyans: fathers and mothers and children, lawyers and doctors, scientists and artists, religious and politicians.

But his call could not be heard far, far away at Jubilee Justice.

From time to time, maybe three to a half-dozen times, one would hear speakers at the L.A. gathering say the words "respect life," or "human dignity."

But absent from the conference's agenda was any strong protest against the "culture of death" and its chief features: the New World Order's campaigns for abortion, sterilization, contraception, and the rest of its anti-life agenda.

Ironic, since Los Angeles is the abortion capital of the Western world.

In fact, many of the conversations among participants concerned irrelevant issues such as the ordaining of women.

Schooyans, on the other hand, challenges Catholics to understand how and why "abortion is the major attack on human life, essentially because the victim is totally innocent and totally without defense." Mass abortion, he even shows, is directly related to the massive disrespect for the environment.

But abortion, mechanical abortive techniques, and chemical abortifacients are merely the tip of the culture of death's spear: sterilization campaigns, abusive medical practices, euthanasia, the pansexual revolution, the romanticization of suicide, pornography, drug addiction, divorce, a usurious global financial system, the mass media and war are each a part of the New World Order's arsenal for imposing a "culture of death" on mankind.

Never has this "seamless garment" been described so powerfully, and Schooyans is refreshingly candid and incisive explaining its rise.

"Contemporary society has witnessed the birth of new ideological 'indications' that 'legitimize' attacks on life. One sees the means for suppressing life or drying up its sources multiplying. The new methods are produced in laboratories and are used in dispensaries, clinics, and hospitals.

"Contemporary totalitarian regimes have had recourse to effective methods of individual and group mental conditioning. They have frequently used lies to maximize the effects of violence. These techniques for deprograming-reprograming have become more and more effective thanks especially to the complicity of some psychiatrists. This results often in the weakening or inhibiting of the ability to make personal judgments and free decisions among individuals as well as society.

"The effectiveness of these methods is even perceptible in the role the media has assigned to itself. It not only has the ability to select or distort information: it also possesses the means to condition public opinion by inculcating lies that are absorbed without discernment… Henceforth the lie becomes an 'aid for decision-making'."

Who can read these words without thinking immediately of how the Clinton regime opened its reign with executive orders promoting abortion, the made-for-TV violent spectacle of Waco, or the regime's recent "warture" of Yugoslavia?

Abortion and war, writes Schooyans, are the defining features of the New World Order.

Know Your Enemy

Schooyans, the author of some 18 other books, is not embarrassed to name the culprits behind the New World Order.

The enemies are the giant media, the pharmaceutical companies, the foundations, Masons, and the international eugenics movement represented by Planned Parenthood and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

After outlining the contemporary situation, Schooyans traces the development of the "gender" issue from early socialists such as Feuerbach and Marx who understood that, in the New World Order, "individuals will be cogs, sometimes useful, sometimes harmful, in the social machine; and they should be treated accordingly.

"This ideology", Schooyans continues, "also comprises a sensualism which is moderated only by the requirements flowing from the transcendence of generic humanity. Humans will have the right to the most total individual pleasure, provided that this pleasure is compatible with the species' accepted standards."

The ideology of gender that is imposed on the citizens of the new global village, from Los Angeles to New York, London to Cape Town to Calcutta to Tokyo via the United Nations has no other goal than the total abolition of the family.

Thus the UN's commitment to ending "gender differences" is clearly explained:

"Differences between men and women must be abolished, and the masculinity or femininity inherent in each human individual no longer expresses anything about the person. On the level of the individual, the body is simply an instrument for various pleasures: heterosexuality, homosexuality, indubitably solitary pleasure, contraception, abortion, etc. And therewith gender ideology joins the neo-Malthusian ideology of Margaret Sanger.

"This ideology leads to the destruction of the family. In effect, neither heterosexuality, nor procreation to which it is bound, can claim to be 'natural'; they are biologicized cultural products. It is society that invented masculine and feminine roles and what follows from that, namely, the family. We must, then, establish a culture that denies any importance whatsoever to gender differences. With the disappearance of these differences, marriage, maternity, and the biologically rooted family will disappear…"

Schooyans provides the specific data from past UN conferences, notably Cairo (1994) and Beijing (1995) which illustrate how the way is being paved for the arrival of the gender police and an "ideological dictatorship" comprised of radical feminists riding roughshod over the "immense majority of people having common, good sense."

Two of the principal drivers of this new gender paradigm, Schooyans informs the reader, are the World Health Organization and the World Bank. The former is engaged in a massive project to redefine "health" down to little more than "reproductive freedom," while the latter's is to develop a global society and world markets where individuals are used only as long as they are useful. Hence, the spreading recourse to euthanasia.

The New Age

The inevitable arrival of the New World Order and its New Age religion was heralded by Marilyn Ferguson's 1980 book, The Aquarian Conspiracy.

Ferguson was, as Schooyans points out, a disciple of Teilhard de Chardin.

Signs of "New Age" were everywhere at the L.A. Jubilee Justice: in clerical vestments and rainbow stoles, clothing, in banners, in books, in lectures on "globalization" and the "global community," multiculturalism, and so on.

"The New Age," Schooyans explains, "is the phase following this evolution [i.e., the Enlightenment] and its intends to consummate the break already initiated by the Reformation vis-a-vis the old paradigm, that of the Age of Faith, in short, Christianity. The New Age, then, proclaims the complete independence of man. In essence, man is now a superhuman who, by means of appropriated methods and techniques, is going to explore the heretofore undreamt resources of his body, his psyche, and the universe itself. In this respect, New Age is a new expression of Pelagianism, the doctrine according to which a man can save himself by his own power through having recourse to various psychological or magical practices."

The Aquarian Conspiracy is, as Ferguson wrote, "a gentle conspiracy… A powerful network without directors is in the process of producing a radical change in the United States. Its members have gotten rid of certain key elements of Western thought; they could have even broken the continuity of history. This network is the Aquarian Conspiracy. It is a conspiracy without political doctrine, without a manifesto… More extensive than a reform, more profound than a revolution, this gentle conspiracy for a new program for man has launched the most rapid cultural realignment of history…

"In effect the Aquarian Conspiracy is a network of numerous networks whose calling is social transformation… Its center is everywhere. Although numerous social movements and groups of mutual aid are represented within its union, its life does not depend on any of them…

"Projects which would otherwise appear unrealizable can, solely through a program of federal subsidies, attain official recognition. The governmental apparatus that grants accreditation determines what is fashionable in the field of research. This aura of officialdom is what the conspirators try to obtain for various projects."

Ferguson, recall, wrote from the inside of the New Age movement, and as a supporter, particularly of the New Age's new view of women as free of biology. But her words for nearly 20 years have haunted many Catholics because she seems to explain the strange role many Catholics played in helping Western man disconnect from the past, particularly through the liturgy, but also by the rabid iconoclasm, church renovations, purging Catholic university libraries of "old" books, sex education in parochial schools: These acts, all coordinated from a thousand different places, have contributed to the deconstruction of the Catholic mind.

Nowhere was that more evident than in the expressions of joy that emanated from those attending a "Catholic" liturgy at the Jubilee Justice event which itself was totally disconnected from Catholic tradition.

Sex And Human Life

The major question Schooyans asks is: How will the "new paradigm" of the New Age and New World Order "liquidate" the old paradigm?

The answer is abortion and other forms of violence.

The "new paradigm" is just a "syncretistic hodgepodge. The incoherent mention of anthropologists, psychologists, economists, politicians, sociologists, doctors, and gurus are hurled and entangled without any principle of discernment being provided. Man has nothing else to do but abdicate his ability to discern the real from the imagined, the true from the false, the good from the evil. The 'new paradigm' is a scientism of baubles which presumes the privilege of giving an account of the whole universe and imposing itself on everybody for the sole reason that it embodies the supreme stage of human evolution, personal as well as collective…

"The new paradigm is derived from the domain of virtual reality… It is the spearhead of a project without precedent for generalized mental colonization - of a delirious imperialism requiring the submission of minds to the authority of those who produce it. From the anthropological viewpoint, it is the biggest enterprise of alienation in human history. From the political viewpoint, it is the most formidable danger confronting democracies. With the New Age and its networks, we enter a total war without precedent, in which psychological weapons dominate and in which all the resources of politics, law, biomedical sciences, and the most diverse disciplines are concentrated on the same target: the destruction of the 'old paradigm' " - which is Catholic Christianity.

Unfortunately, this heavy dose of reality was unavailable at the L.A. Jubilee Justice.

Worse yet was the contempt shown by speakers and liturgy planners toward the Mass, which the Church offers the faithful as an antidote to the psychological terrorism in New Age and which is the only thing, under God, that can, ultimately, keep a person sane.

The main machine globalizing the New Age is, of course, the UN, which Schooyans observes, has completely lost any legitimacy it might once have had because it has repudiated its fundamental founding principles. His criticism is scathing:

"The UN has become a very heavy apparatus, badly administrated, and urgently in need of a cost-benefit analysis - the very sort of analysis to which it is all too ready to subject its members. Through many of its agencies, along with its preferred nongovernmental organizations, the UN has become a supranational machine and financial abyss used by paying nations to exercise a generalized mastery over human life. At present, the UN and its agencies have become, not without a certain arrogance and definitely without any legitimacy, an apparatus of supranational government at the service of the New World Order, which the Masonic lodges ardently desire and which the New Age disseminates through its networks."

The New World Order, as the people of Yugoslavia and Iraq have learned, is imposed by violence; but behind this violence and love of death and destruction on the part of the perpetrators is a New Age subjective anthropology wherein the individual finds happiness.

This anthropology, Schooyans explains, "entails the loss of the meaning of love."

"This lordly anthropology," he further explains in fascinating detail, "is a preclude to abortion and infanticide," euthanasia, and also war.

Think of Bill Clinton - or of millions of self-destructive youth brain-damaged into psychological oblivion by rock groups such as Nirvana - as you read these lines:

"At the end of this anthropology, man doesn't see himself as needing anything from anybody; neither from others nor from God. He has not received the existence he shares with other creatures from a Creator. He is confined within his individual solitude and his horizon is nothing but pure and simple oblivion into total and definitive death. He believes that he is affirming himself and has the illusion of creating himself by this perverse and pathetic expression of liberty which is in reality destruction.

"This anthropology, which pushes modern subjectivist rationalism to its paroxysm, is going to engender disastrous political consequences… The individual who believes himself justified in causing death in order to affirm his liberty also believes himself justified in causing death for a higher reason; e.g. when the state or the economy is threatened with destruction. For the state and the economy are perceived and presented as the sole benefactors able to entertain, console, and protect the finite individual facing his definitive death. War, then, is justified inasmuch as it causes death so that the state, society, or the economy can remain free with a liberty that cannot bear the slightest conditioning…"

The Horror Of Abortion

Schooyans' The Gospel Confronting World Disorder lays out a practical call to social action for every Catholic, theologians, priests, religious, laity, and the principal mission is this: to safeguard the family.

That means, especially, erecting social and legal defenses, campaigning for a "family wage," respecting the rights of mothers and acknowledging their social value, and it also means engaging in a massive effort to prohibit abortion.

Without this focus, the New World Order wins.

In a book packed with eloquent and concise passages, this paragraph explains why abortion is the defining, priority issue for the New World Order:

"The unborn child is not put to death above all because it inconveniences its parents… The primordial justification is found elsewhere: The aborted unborn child is a prototypical victim of violence that is totally gratuitous and to which man has recourse because he imagines it gives him a supreme expression of his liberty. This violence is, by definition, without any other reason save as an arbitrary decision of the executioner. He has to fully mask his true motivation, by means of ideological considerations, or diverse 'justifications,' for the murder of the unborn child is the expression of the desire to destroy life in its pure state; it is the primordial violence which, in the end, will give rise to all the other forms of violence."


Schooyans' The Gospel Confronting World Disorder, which includes an introduction by Cardinal Ratzinger, is published by the Central Bureau, 3835 Westminster Place, St. Louis, MO 63108. Phone orders: 314-371-1653. Copies are $17.50 each, plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

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