The Demographic Aspects

What can one actually say about world population? At least a fifth of humanity lives in a state of absolute poverty, in subhuman conditions, unworthy of man. For the sake of these people and their families, would it not be better to prevent them from having children? Won't it contribute to the happiness of the poor to have access to sterilization and abortion made easier?
Isn't a terrible threat hanging over humanity, namely, the "demographic explosion" of the Third-World? Some go so far as to speak of a "demographic bomb" ready to explode. Does this fear of population growth in the Third World involve certain countries in particular?
How is the demographic situation in Europe? How has Europe come to such a demographic collapse? Doesn't the United States also experience a demographic collapse comparable to that of Europe?
Would the demographic implosion in Europe be of such a nature as to worry the United States? Since the demographic situation of Europe is so grave, why are so few politicians concerned about it? How is the problem of abortion presented in a country like Japan where it has become commonplace?
Has anyone an idea of the consequences of the collapse of fertility in the developed countries? Hasn't mankind, by its very mass, become a nuisance for the environment?  


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