The Unborn Child

Is the unborn child a human being? Why do certain supporters of abortion cast doubt on the human character of the unborn infant? Does biological progress permit us to maintain any doubt about the human character of the infant before birth?
Is abortion justified when the conceived infant is not wanted? Isn't the wanted child the fruit of responsible parenting? With the techniques of medically assisted procreation available, isn't it normal for parents to demand an infant of perfect quality?
How does the desire for a perfect infant lead to abortion? We have become sensitive to the quality of life. Many conceived infants will be unhappy and will not have a life of quality. Abortion prevents this problem and solves it. In the name of having a right to a life of quality, should we not refuse life to a being for whom nothing but suffering or handicap is foreseen?
When the awaited infant is affected by some malformation wouldn't it be better to have recourse to abortion in order to spare him a life unworthy of a man? Prenatal diagnosis enables us to detect Down's Syndrome. With such scientific progress does one have the right to let live an infant who will be a cross for his parents and whose own life will never develop?  

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