Law reflects morals. Since abortion has become an accepted part of our morals, should it not be legalized? Don't laws liberalizing abortion at least have the advantage of limiting it? In a democracy, it is the majority that decides; so parliament can change the law.
In order to protect itself, cannot society pass prohibitions? Does not the failure to apply the law show contempt for a state based on law? A "juridical void" is denounced in some countries. Is such a void admissible?
Since people are having abortions, isn't it better to legalize them and make them a medical procedure so that they will be performed "under good conditions"? Can we reproach legislators for defining the conditions under which abortion can be authorized? The fact is that there are clandestine abortions. Hence, would it not be better to legalize abortion in order to diminish their number?
Haven't lawmakers the power to enact for laws liberalizing abortion? Isn't there a difference between decriminalizing abortion, that is to say removing it from the penal code, and liberalizing it, that is to say making it easier to obtain? In the debates about liberalizing abortion, some have at times requested that the state remove the guilt of abortion. What does this term mean?

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