Toward Ultra-Naziism

Would abortion be a modern form of discrimination? Isn't the ideology that inspires the promoters of abortion entirely different from that of the Nazis? Must we not concede that even if the practices are the same the ideologies themselves are different?
What link is there between the ideologues of discrimination and the medical engineers? Aren't we finding criteria invoked for the profit of society that are analogous to those invoked for the profit of couples? Does not the refusal to accept all risk lead precipitously and ruthlessly down the spiral of pure effectiveness?
Can we really speak of abortions as "imprescriptible crimes against humanity"? Is it possible to forget the evident lessons arising from the Nazi experience? Does fidelity to the memory of the victims suffice to vaccinate us against a new barbarism?
How do we explain the inconsistency between practices legalized today  which yesterday were condemned as illegitimate? Recalling the past can be disturbing for some. But for those who today perfect, manufacture and distribute abortifacients, is it not equally as disturbing to emphasize the effectiveness of their products? Despite everything, isn't it very unlikely that those who have perfected and commercialized effective methods of chemical abortion are totally insensitive to the lessons of the past?
Isn't it shocking to suggest a parallel between the Nazi torturers and the abortionists of today?    


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