Guest Editorial


United Nations population management:

The imperialism of Marxism has been taken over by a new secular ideology


Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss[1]

Social Justice Review

May/June 2002



A consultor for the Pontifical Council for the Family, of which I am a member, is Monsignor Michael Schooyans. He is professor emeritus of Louvain University in Belgium and a world expert on demographics and world population issues.


Recently during a meeting of the Council in Rome, Msgr. Schooyans gave me a copy of his latest book "The Demographic Crash - From Fatalism to Hope" translated into English by Father John Miller CSC of St. Louis.


It is Schooyans' thesis that the imperialism of Marxism has been replaced by the United Nations with its secular ideologists. He has done a masterful job of testing the agenda of many meetings orchestrated by the UN, often strongly influenced by well financed nongovernmental agencies (lobbies) such as the very active International Planned Parenthood Federation based in London. Not unlike the communist system, there are influential people in the UN who are trying to change the basic structure of society, of the family, by subordinating it to things, to ideological objectives such as zero population growth, abortion, enforced contraception, elimination of marriage as a permanent union of husband and wife which provides a stable environment for raising children, homosexual rights, same-sex union, and radical feminism which is anti-male and anti-family.


Different agendas operative


Under the guise of promoting world peace and human development, certain leaders in the UN are attempting to override the prerogatives of individual governments in dealing with their own people. This is the reason there is strong pressure within the UN to force the Church out of the public forum and to silence her voice and influence in the world. Only the Church has been able to help people resist the insidious agenda of Marxism worldwide - only the Church is able to help people resist the insidious agenda of those in the UN who want to contain and diminish populations everywhere in the world.


Hillarie Belloc wrote in 1936 "The future is not decided by a public vote; it is decided by the growth of ideas." The secularists in the UN promote the idea that people live in a meaningless world without any objective moral truth. They promote this agnostic and anti-religious agenda under the guise of "tolerance" - it is wrong, they say, for anyone to impose religious or moral values on anyone else, such as one's spouse or one's children, and surely on one's community. And it is true that, without moral values based on an understanding of one's relationship with God, the result is a meaningless world in which survival of the fittest is all that counts - there is no order to life.


Different world views


The turmoil and tumult within the UN is no surprise for Msgr. Schooyans since objective truth is not promoted by many members as the operative basis for consensus, but only the self-interests of those who are presently alive. He understands and demonstrates the way the UN today regards human rights as products of negotiation rather than inherent in the very nature of man. In their determined and aggressive agnosticism, many in the UN do not believe that it is possible to know "the truth about man and his values." Truth, then, falls victim to the axe of consensus by many of the elites who manage the process.


At the same time, the UN's agnosticism does not result in any sense of humility. It charges ahead with its agenda to promote personal choice over the common good of society - on the dubious strength of an arbitrary and highly fallible process of enforced consensus of the secularists who have determined what is best for humanity. This is the basis of the growing intolerance of the Church which is concerned about objective truth and has the audacity to demonstrate objective truth in the face of the UN's dogmatic agnosticism. And the Church's concern for the family that is a truly democratic institution based on love (and not just sexual necessity) is perceived as an obstacle to achieving total sexual freedom.


Enforcing a secular agenda


Schooyans' book brings the hidden agenda of many in the UN into the light of day and exposes it as "tyrannical" in terms of enforcing its secular agenda on unenlightened and sometimes resisting populations. He has traced in a methodical and careful way the developments which are taking place in the UN in reference to population issues and human rights. He accuses leaders in the UN of trying to impose a new secular religion on mankind which is totally secularized and anti-organized religion. This is the reason that Muslim countries have joined with the Holy See in opposing UN initiatives against stable unions of husbands and wives and their right to have children.


Schooyans thinks that the UN is attempting to put into place its own "magisterium" - teaching authority - which claims the right (from whence we know not) to produce and impose its "enlightened" conclusions on peoples everywhere in the world, even with inquisitorial tribunals to prosecute those who are regarded as "politically incorrect." The UN, for instance, has not objected to the Chinese one-child policy, but only to those who oppose sterilization and abortion.


Imperialism enforced


I think that Catholics everywhere in the world need to be aware of the imperialism which is being promoted through the UN in the name of world peace and human stability. The Planned Parenthood organization in this country (in cooperation with the International Federation) supports the secular agenda of the UN. It rails against any government effort to discourage abortions, including partial birth abortions of late term babies. It constantly attacks the Catholic Church for promoting the sacredness of human life from conception until natural death, It opposes the Church's stand against euthanasia and mercy-killing. It is part of the culture of death which is opposed by the culture of life promoted by the Church.


It is not the intention of the Church to force an end to all the agendas of Planned Parenthood, provided the organization is honest in its objectives and goals. We do not, by the same token, accept the interference of Planned Parenthood with ail the agendas and objectives of the Church.


The UN is an important agency for dialogue among nations and for maintaining world peace. The Church supports the original purpose of the UN and its focused concern about international conflicts and human problems in the world. This is the reason the Vatican has a permanent observer at the UN. But the Church does not accept the secular ideologies of certain leaders in the UN who have surfaced with their agnostic and anti-family agendas for the world community. Imperialism under any flag is still imperialism which needs to be opposed. The UN needs to face the consequences of such policies and the increasing opposition it will receive from the Church and her international allies.

To download the text, clik here: United Nations population management: The imperialism of Marxism has been taken over by a new secular ideology (pdf file).


[1] Archbishop Curtiss is the Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Omaha, NE; this editorial is reprinted from The Catholic Voice.