In order to protect itself, cannot society pass prohibitions?

We must remark that a prohibition is never just the negative side of a positive will to protect a value or weaker individuals. The prohibition of stealing is the reverse side of the will to protect the property of others.

In every society one must know what are transgressions, or risk returning to the jungle. There must be prohibitions and barriers, and they must be made known. The warning signals must be illuminated. Men being what they are, these prohibitions will without doubt be violated, but men will know that they are acting against a good, that they are infringing upon a good.

What is perverse about the liberalization and decriminalizing of abortion is that positive law suppresses the barriers. More serious still is that transgression is presented as a right -even as a (legitimate) good.

It follows that entire categories of human beings are withdrawn from the protection of the law. Does that augur well for society in the future?

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