Since people are having abortions, isn't it better to legalize them and make them a medical procedure so that they will be performed "under good conditions"?

A medical procedure isn't defined by the use of instruments, medications and clinical installations, nor by putting knowledge and techniques to work. For some abortionists, it is not even necessary to have a university diploma. A medical procedure is defined by its finality: to save life, to improve health. The giving of artificial respiration to a drowning victim is performing a medical procedure. The doctor who collaborates in torture does not perform a medical procedure. Just because the hangman's job is followed by an action of a doctor doesn't give the execution the quality of a medical procedure.

Likewise, just because abortion is done by a doctor and that the techniques used have been perfected, that is not enough to make an abortion a medical procedure. From the club to the neutron bomb, men have not ceased to make "progress" in the art of killing their fellow human beings "under good conditions". In 1941, the Auschwitz doctors congratulated themselves on having "humanized" the manner of extermination in their camps: they had replaced carbon monoxide with a cyanide gas. Rapes and murders always take place under bad conditions (at least for their victims). Are we going to organize centers in which rapes and murders would be performed under "good" conditions (for those who perform them), under medical supervision?

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