In the debates about liberalizing abortion, some have at times requested that the state remove the guilt of abortion. What does this term mean?

Not content with having the state legalize abortion, some expect the state to remove the guilt of abortion, that is, to remove all connotation of fault.

a) This reveals that people perceive in a confused way that the state, as it is conceived in our civilization, goes beyond the mission conferred upon it when it liberalizes abortion. Hence, they do not hesitate to request of this same state an intervention which implies, not only an increase of its powers, but also a profound change in its very nature. When its own citizens ask the state to say what is right and what is evil, to say who can live and who can be eliminated, that state is pushed toward a totalitarian drift. Here censure strikes at, not only the expression of the truth, but the truth itself.

b) Pro-abortionists are establishing a new stereotyped language. It is the triumph of ideological discourse, in which all reality and behavior must bend to a new language. One may not believe such discourse, but he acts according to it. This new language produces a perversion of reason and of moral conscience which entails, in turn, the destruction of the sense of justice.

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