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Abortion and breast cancer:

Abortion Facts:

Abstinence Clearinghouse:

ACT Right to Life (Australia):

Africa 2000:

After Abortion (USA):

Aid for Women:

Aide Suisse pour la Mère et l'Enfant:

Aktion Leben (Germany):

Aktion Lebensrecht für Alle (German pro-life group):

Alerta México (México):  

American Center for Law and Justice:

American Life League:

Americans United for Life:

Anarchists for Life:  

Animations and videos about the unborn available on the Internet:

Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change:

Asociación Provida de Valencia (Spain):

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League:  



Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla:


Canadian Physicians for Life:

CARE for Life Pregnancy Counselling Centres (United Kingdom):

Catholic Family & Human Rights:

Catholic Information Center on Internet:  

Catholic Medical Association:

Catholics for Life - Sacramento Diocese (U.S.A.):

Central Illinois Right to Life:  

Centre français pour la justice et les droits fondamentaux de la personne humaine: 

Catholics United for Life (U.S.A.):  

Choose Life in Vladivostok (Russia):

Christian Pro-Life Books Online:

Christians and Jews for Life:

Citadelle (Suisse):

Communauté de l'Emmanuel:

Comite Nacional Provida México (México):

Concerned Women for America:

Crusade of Prayer:


Desarrollo de la Vida:  

Dieu seul suffit:

Donum Sanctum:  


Easton Publishing:

Edmonton Palliative Care Program:

El Portal de la Vida (Argentina):


Europäische Ärzteaktion:


Euthanasia, Biotechnology, Disability and Society:  

Expectant Mother Care (USA):


Federación de asociaciones por la vida y la familia:

Feminism & Non-violence Studies:

Feminists for Life (USA):

Forofamilia  (Espagne):

Fundación Derecho a Nacer (DENACER) (Colombia):

Fundación Interamericana Ciencia y Vida:


German Doctors for Life:

Heartbeat International:

Heritage House '76, Inc. Your one stop Pro-Life Store:

Human Life International:

Human Rights for the Unborn (Austria):



International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force:


Ja Till Livet (Sweden):

Jesus Folk Christian Start Page: (Pro-life page:

Jeunesse-Action-Chrétienté (France):

Jeunes Témoins de la Vie Humaine:

Jews for Life Web Site:  

Jovens Pró-Vida (Portugal):

Jugend für das Leben (Austria):  

Juntos pela Vida (Portugal):

Just the Facts:


Kevorkian Papers:


Labour Life Group U.K.):

Laissez-les-vivre SOS-futures-mères (France):

Libertarians for Life (USA):

Life (Royaume-Uni):

Life Cycle Books:

Life Dynamics Inc, prolife video, prolife resources, prolife experts speak on abortion:  

Life, Education and Resource Network (LEARN):

Life Issues:

Life Issues TV:  

Lifesite of Canada:

Lutherans for Life:

March for Life Legal and Defense Fund (USA):

Medical Students Supporting Life:

Missionaries to the Preborn:

Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Morning After Pill:

Moscow Pro-Life Center:

Mouvement d'aide à la maternité (Île Maurice):

Movimento per la Vita (Italia):

Mujer Nueva:


National Conference of U.S. Catholic Bishops: Secretariat for Pro-life Activities:

National Memorial for the Unborn:

National Pro-Life Religious Council:

National Right to Life:

National Womens' Coalition for Life:

New Zealand Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child:

Not Dead Yet:

Noticias Globales:  


Orthodox Christians for Life:

Oui à la Vie (Suisse):

Our Lady of Guadalupe Web site:

Pagina de noticias de la ONU:

Partial Birth Abortion:

Pastors for Life:  

People for Life:

Pharmacists for Life International:

Pilule (en français):

Pilule (in English):

Polskie Organizacje Prolife: 

Pontificia Academia Pro Vita:

Pontifical Council for the Family:,9 

Pope Paul VI Institute:  

Population Research Institute:

Prayers for Life:

Presbyterians Pro-Life:

Priests for Life:

Priests for Life Canada:

Pro familia - Asociación para la defensa y la promoción de la familia:

Pro-Life Action League:

Pro-Life Alliance (UK):

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians:  

Pro-Life America:

Pro-Life Info:

Pro-Life Japan-Machida:  

Pro-Life Office, Inc.:

Pro-life population:

Pró-Vida de Anápolis (Brazil):

ProVidaFamília (Brazil):

Proyecto Divulgación: - Animations and videos on the Web:

Puerto Vida (Argentina):


Rachel's Vineyard (post-abortion healing):

Red de Salud de las Mujeres Latinoamericanas y del Caribe:

Right to Life (New Zealand):  

Right to Life (U.K.):

Rock for Life:

Roe v. Wade: 26 Years of Life Denied:

RU-486 Files:


Schreeuw om Leven (The Netherlands):  

Silent Scream:

Simbahayan (Philippines):  

Sisters of Life:

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (U.K.):

SOS bébé (France):

St Sharbel for Life (also in Arabic):

Stand Up Girl:

Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP):

Student LifeNet (U.K.):  

Students Organised to Uphold Life (New Zealand):

Survivants (France):


Texas True Choice:  

Tim-lebt (Deutschland):

TransVie (France):

Trêve de Dieu:


UK Life League Alliance (Precious Life Scotland):

UK national pro-life student network:

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List.:

Unborn Jesus Home Page:</

Universitad Libre Internacional de las Américas: 

Unión de entidades por una vida más humana (Argentina):


Vida Humana Internacional:

Vida Más Humana:


Vital Signs Ministries:


Why Life? :

Women Affirming Life:

Women and Children First:

World Federation of Doctors who Respect Human Life:  

World Youth Alliance:


Yankee Samizdat:

Youth Defence for Life (Ireland):

Lists of links: 

Abortion Related Web Sites with a Pro-Life Prospective:  

Adresses Provie:

Canadian Physicians For Life - Other sites:  

Centre français pour la justice et les droits fondamentaux de la personne humaine: (choisir "liens")

Human Life International - Links:  

InterLIFE: Pro-Life Resoureces:  

Liens préférés de TransVIE:

Lifesite: Links Page:  

Links (Population Research Institute):  

Links (ProVida Família):

Links (St Sharbel for Life):  


List of Related Pro-Life Links:  

Movimento per la Vita - Links:  

Pro Life Links (Jugend für das Leben):

Pro Life Links (Mission Net Christian Resources):  

Pro-Life Organizations:  

Proyecto Divulgación/Internet's selection:  

Puerto Vida - Vinculos Recomendados:  

Right-to-Life Organizations List:

Tennessee Right to Life - Internet HyperLINKS: