Is there a relationship between the demographic policies of the US and the change observed in the nature of the UN?

One should note first of all that most of the recommendations found in the 1991 Report of the United Nations Fund for Population appear already in the document composed in 1974 under the direction of Henry Kissinger ( - We learn also that A.I.D. has helped private and public organizations to effectively establish family planning programs.

For the US government to go from there to using these diverse organisms to put into practice its program of demographic containment is but a step that some have already taken.1 Others have gone even further; why, they wonder, should not the US also use toward this end other organisms -such as the World Bank, the United Nation Fund for population, the World Health Organization, and the UN itself- to implement its policies in this domain?


  1. For example, see pp. 113 f., 121 f., 150, 159, 164-166 of the Report.

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