How can it be explained that the Western democracies join forces with the United States to curb the demographic growth of the Third World?

As is disclosed in the statistics published by the specialized agencies of the UN, the Western democracies have by and large made common cause with the US in effecting a world program for curbing births in the Third World.

Without doubt, this alliance is explained, in part, by the fact that many of the leaders of the European democracies are unaware, if not of the existence, at least of the significance and breadth of the campaigns.

But this alliance is also explained by the fact that certain wealthy people of the entire world -including the bourgeoisie of the Third World- believe it to be in their interest to join a common front to curb the "threat" that, in their eyes, the poor pose to their security.1

And so, these wealthy believe that their security is the basis of their right, and they retreat from no means at all to protect the citadel of egoism in which they have shut themselves up.


  1. See Exodus 1:8-21.

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