In the final analysis, who is really responsible for the real restoration of contemporary totalitarianism?

This crucial question must finally be raised. For example we may frankly question the good faith of certain Western governments that place at the disposition of Chinese leaders, the anti-life weapons of which, all the world knows full well by reason of the political regime in place, Beijing will make wide and coercive use.1 How can it be doubted that these governments are steeped in totalitarianism and that their leaders' hands are sullied with blood?

Moreover, how can if be doubted that these same governments are further capable of controlling international organizations and using them to impose their peculiar conception of the "new world economic order"?


  1. See John S. Aird, Foreign Assistance to Coercive Family Planning in China. Response to Recent Population Policy in China [by Terence Hull], (Canberra), 1992. Also 

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