Is it necessary, then, to maintain a repression of abortion?

The unborn child needs an effective juridical protection, and it is toward such protection that notable men and women politicians and lawyers are working. It is necessary that the right of every human being to life be guaranteed by law and that violating this right be punished. We must let live, and deal harshly with those who prevent others from living.

Nevertheless, if dissuasion is necessary and indispensable, it is also insufficient. Over and above that, we must assist women in distress and even create such conditions so that awaiting a baby will cause the least possible confusion.

We must not confuse the objectives: dissuade and help. Someone once reproached Mother Teresa of Calcutta for not giving enough schooling to the children she took in. "I feed them," she replied; "it's up to you to do the rest." To provide food, to allow them to live: that is our basic task, which, of course, doesn't excuse us from other duties. The problem, then, is not simply to help some infants escape abortion, but to create a society in which all children can be accommodated. We must punish the reckless drivers, but we must also prevent road accidents.

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