Doesn't the taking of the life of an innocent reveal a perversion of power?

Totalitarian power has this characteristic in particular: it refuses all limits imposed by God and by the men over whom it exercises control. This power makes use of all the means at its disposal to assert and extend itself. Now, power should be a service: It is in the service of the common good and ordained for the protection of man, beginning with the weakest. All the great social movements that developed since the nineteenth century have objected to the abuses of power committed by the strong against the weak.

The clearest sign indicating that an originally legitimate power is drifting toward totalitarianism is when it begins to take the lives of the innocent. Once this dynamic begins, power is debased into pure might and is deprived of all legitimacy. Such a power is abusive; it must be denounced and fought against; it makes active resistance a duty.

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