If the threat of totalitarianism were real, would it not be perceived by everybody and would they not raise a general outcry?

Contemporary history teaches us that totalitarianism is established sometimes by force, sometimes by ruse. In the latter case, its establishment is accomplished by strict adherence to the so-called "salami tactic": one conquers his adversary slice by slice, who would never surrender if all were demanded at once. The "salami tactic" is thus close to the tactic of dispensation: they nibble away at the respect due to a principle by having the law multiply and make commonplace the cases in which positive law "justifies" whatever exception is made.

Evil begins whenever an iniquitous law is promulgated. It is consummated whenever such a law is invoked to massacre beings without defense. For the promulgators, the process can repeat itself, with new victims enrolled on the list of beings subject to massacre.

Now, if some people are condemned for having obeyed evil laws, the same condemnation is too often forgotten for those who have intervened from above, that is, those who have promulgated these evil laws and made others executors of them.

Whence, when we arrive at asking the state to determine which innocent people can be eliminated, an act authorized by law and for which a minister provides the means, then it is already too late to wonder whether we are still in a democracy.

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