Would abortion be a modern form of discrimination?

History abounds with examples of discrimination. It also teaches that fighting against such discrimination and the privileges that accompany it has been one of the most powerful incentives toward the development of democratic societies.

Now, one form of discrimination is to invoke reasons for sending some human beings to their death or to slavery. Sometimes to discriminate is to increase an objective weakness twofold by adding a legal weakness.

The Nazi regime discriminated against the Jews, gypsies and the "un-human". At Nuremberg that was called a "crime against humanity". Since then, the memory of men has been relieved of such bothersome recollections.

Other regimes discriminated against those who disagreed or opposed them by sending them, for example, to psychiatric asylums. And now they discriminate not only against infants and adults who are deformed or handicapped, but also against the poor.

Liberalization of abortion legalized a new kind of discrimination which can make victims, with impunity, those who find themselves in a state of extreme weakness and dependence.

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