What link is there between the ideologues of discrimination and the medical engineers?

a) The ideologues of discrimination concoct some pseudo-moral reasons to explain to the complacent medical engineers that they are justified in eliminating those beings who do not fit the norms imposed by the ideology.

These ideologues make sure that the biomedical engineers are sufficiently "grounded" to perform the rigid selections "for the good" of certain individuals, of such and such a race, of the society of the species -whatever excuse suits them.

Thus, having striven so hard to put a stop to segregation based on "social classes," the men of our century now hurry to establish a new segregation based on "genetic classes."

b) The ideologues of discrimination provide a pseudo-legitimization to multiple abuses of power. Contemptible indeed is the abuse of economic, political and judicial power. More contemptible still is the abuse of medical power. But the most contemptible of all is the abuse of intellectual power, for it wounds man in his very intelligence, where he is most like God.

The technocrats of the new world order are accustomed to these refined forms of the abuse of power.

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