Aren't we finding criteria invoked for the profit of society that are analogous to those invoked for the profit of couples?

The arguments invoked by some extreme feminist partisans and other promoters of abortion are based on self-interest, utility, and the right to pleasure without risk. They must have total effectiveness when it comes to avoiding this "evil" called procreation -the eventual consequence of this "good" called pleasure. Thus, the stronger may believe that their convenience gives them the right to "legitimize" abortion.

a) The interests of human society are often defined by the strongest, and concretely, by those who are successful and/or impose their will on others. Those who are not successful are an obstacle to the happiness of those who are. They threaten even their security. Consequently, the rich believe that their security is the basis of their right and are thus justified in defending themselves against the threats posed by the poor who, solely by their numerical mass, constitute a danger for them. Their proliferation must be contained by every possible means insofar as they are insolvent in the world market.

b) This line of argumentation is analogous to that developed, if we dare say it, for the benefit of society. It has been verified since 1926 in the USSR, where abortion has been legalized so that the population could be totally subjected to the planning imperatives imposed by the state. The USSR was thus the first country to legalize abortion for reasons of state.

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