Recalling the past can be disturbing for some. But for those who today perfect, manufacture and distribute abortifacients, is it not equally as disturbing to emphasize the effectiveness of their products?

a) It is well known that men have a great facility for giving apparently coherent "justifications" that inspire their conduct, all the while hesitating to look squarely in the face of the deep motivations that animate them. This type of behavior is well known among psychologists who speak about "rationalizing" conduct. More or less voluntarily, men can hide from themselves or from others the true motives that prompt their behavior.

b) This is what happens sometimes among certain propagators of chemical abortion. As circumstances allow, they do not insist too much on the essentially abortive power of their preparations. On the other hand, they emphasize the effectiveness - real or supposed - in cases of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, brain cancer, Alzheimer's disease, depression, etc.

c) One observes: this "rationalization" recalls the damnatio memoriae, the condemnation of memory. Here, one hides an embarrassing past; there one hides bothersome actual motives. These two processes are often intertwined in order to reinforce the cover-up effect.

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