Isn't it shocking to suggest a parallel between the Nazi torturers and the abortionists of today?

People often imagine that the Nazi type was a ferocious and bloodthirsty individual. This type of Nazi most certainly existed, with ignoble individuals rivaling one another in refining ways of inflicting humiliation, torture and death.

But generally speaking, the classical Nazi was not a cruel brute. In the main, the Nazis were people apparently without history, like the majority of people today. They had simply entered the "system" tranquilly. With one concession after another, cowardly act after cowardly act, and with self-interest they became zealous functionaries of the regime. By executing their orders, they did their duty - so they believed.

The greater peril that the liberalization of abortion today has hanging over our societies, is not to be looked for first of all in the actions of individuals notoriously cynical and ruthless. It is found in the generalized lack of courage in the face of "commonplace evil."

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