Faced with so many rapes, abortion is a source of security for the woman.

In 1990 there were 100,000 rapes in the United States. That represents a 6% increase over the preceding year and 12 rapes per hour. Liberalization of abortion creates a violent mentality in which the stronger has rights on his side which the weaker cannot resist. By that very fact, it diminishes the moral sense of violent crimes like rape. Hence, in a general way, such liberalization inevitably tends to expose women more and more to the ascendancy of men, the principal beneficiary of such legislation.

We can also cite the story of a young woman who arrived in Belgium without much money. Before leaving her native country, she had been raped. She found that she was pregnant and decided to keep the child. The rapist was still at large. Many years later, this woman met a good man; she married him and he adopted the child, though he was not the father. Since then, the happy couple has had several other children.

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