Christ-Redeemer Center

At the beginning of the foundation of the most Holy Redeemer, Saint Alphonsus of Liguori, ardently wished to be established in the Orient, in this land of which much saints, prophets and even Christ pressed the land. But, the circumstances did not allow the realization of this wish. Now, this wish is on the way to be carried out. More especially as a Lebanese redemptorist Father Elie Sader, answering the call of the Lord, knowing well his country, his Eastern mentality, his culture, his faith, his needs, was very indicated to begin a community in Bekaa formerly so Christian. The events dispersed the Christians, they remain attached to their ground of origin. To give again confidence, to energize the area, especially to help the young people to lean on their faith, and to help the Christians to find their roots, a center missionary is the response to their aspirations.

L'objectif du centre du Christ Rédempteur est :

The objective of the center of Christ Redeemer is:
The Center, wants to be with the service of :
• Evangelization.
• The reception of the poor, most abandoned as presented by the Congregation of the most Holy Redeemer.
• Ecumenism, to keep the Oriental rites and to leave the door open to any religious confession.
• So dearly preaching in heart of Saint Alphonsus.

Beneficiary :

Workshops, rooms of : library, audio-visual, of the rooms, a house for retreats and a noviciate for the vocations, all these means will be placed at the disposal of the youth.
The center will remain attentive with the signs of times and to stay with the service of the formation and to serve each human being.
Its evolution will depend on the goodwill of each one that will consider this project and support it.