An Intruder in the Aquarium

When a difference is to be made among ampullaridae, it is quite uneasy to differentiate Pomacea bridgesi, the superb golden apple snail that does not eat plants unless starved from Pomacea canaliculata, that loves plants but may also be acquired as "golden apple snail". Only some elements enable to make this differentiation.

for instance, the hobbyist may observe the following:

Pomacea Canaliculata (albino)


Pomacea bridgesi

1) the foot of  P. canaliculata is clearly greyish blue, P. bridgesi has an orange foot.

2) Shell sutures are more evident on  P. canaliculata.

3) P. canaliculata shell is slightly more oval.

Nevertheless, this color distinction is sometimes not enough to differenciate these two species.  At that stage, observe closely the shell as the whorls of Pomacea bridgesi shell are much more salient than those of P. canaliculata.