Aspatharia anceyi


Scientific name: Aspatharia (Brazzaea) anceyi (Bourguignat 1865)

Common name:  None

Origin: Africa, Lake Tanganyika. The specimens were collected near Magara in Burundi.

Familly: Unionoidea

Genus: Aspatharia

Size: 10 cm

Breething: aquatic, Through gills

Temperature:  presently maintained at 19C.

Utility: filter water

Remark:   See the file on Margaritifera margaritifera for the breeding  mode. As the specimens were collected at a depth of " to 4 metres, the temperature at collection site and at this depth is of 3 to 5C.  NEar the surface the water temperature is of 23 - 26C.

Particularity: the valves are very thick, reaching  3 mm.


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