The Notion of Copyright

Dear websurfers,

You'll see that there is no notion of copyright on this site, except for pic credits.  Most of the pictures do not belong to me and I see it as a question of respect regarding the professionals who made them hat implies that their name and copyright has to be mentioned.

On the other hand, the texts are public, as I published them on the Net.  In order to do this, it has been necessary to understand and use programmes and tools, what meant long hours of study, tests and mistakes to correct.

Producing the texts means time, research and long hours of observation.  The texts style is Gerald "Ampoule" Depaus's.

So why is there no copyright ??

Simply because the date of creation of a file is unique, because pedagogic contents are made to be shared and because Webmasters produce their own texts and have the decency and courage to ask permission to use others material as well as the proud to be part of a team when there is a joint production.  Offering something through the Net does not mean you have superior wits, it rather means you happily share and participate to a construction process.Stealing is easy, but it gives no credit, nor does it help anyone.

Finally, to cut this long story short, the site is equipped with two hidden IP capture sub-programmes :-)

Nobody is perfect and gathering resources makes parties strong.  If you wish to use material from this site, please ask :-)