Dear Net surfer,

The Domain of Ampullariidae is neither pretty nor easy to read.  its sole purpose is to inform on the basis of experience.

The mollusca species present in freshwater aquaria are not so numerous and the species newly introduced by pet shops are sometimes hard to obtain in satisfying conditions.

For these reasons, the information put at disposal herein and for new species is built at "snail life speed".  The purpose is not to be the first to announce something, but to give accurate and pertinent information.

There is no interest in "being the first" if one knows nothing about the true origin or specific needs of a species.

To study a species is by no means just introducing it in an aquarium and observe it live and spawn.  Interspecific and feeding tests have to be carried out. One example ? Pomacea canaliculata, frequently sold by pet shops, proves to be an inveterate plant eater.  This information is supposed to make the hobbyist happy as he considers himself informed.  At this stage he doesn't know that P. canaliculata also eats any mollusca or fish flesh if it can capture its prey.  Make a small test, place this snail in a small aquarium with one limnaea ... after a few hours, the limnaea shell is empty. Do this test once again but remove P.canaliculata as soon as it grasps the limnaea ... it immediately comes back to eat it up.  Now what about the food habits of this snail ... is it mostly a plant eater ? NO ! It is omnivorous.  Thus ... should one of your lovely fishes be sick, you put the appropriate remedy to treat the fish and at night you shut down the light.  The next day there is no sign of the fish ... he cured himself by teleporting to Mars ?  the snail did eat him as soon as it grabbed it.

This also helps overviewing the food chain. Was it enought o say "P.canaliculata eats the plants" ? Is it correct to be satisfied with this ? Would it be correct to make a page on this species without further detail ?

Anyhow, the Domain of Ampullariidae is not meant to see a visit counter explode, nor is it meant to please.  The accurateness of data is the only objective.

Thank you for your attention.