Regarding their feeding, one may consider that they are omnivorous despite their clear preference for "superior" vegetals. In an aquarium, They will promptly devastate  your  "gardens" of soft plants such as Cabomba, Myriophillum, Liliaopsis, ... Nevertheless, the adult  plants of  Microsorum Pteropus, Anubias and Echinodorus seem to be spared from their voracity.  I specify  "adult plants" because all young leaves are bound to become a food source at the slightest sign of food lack.


They may be accustomed to other types of food if one takes the time to condition them so. My own specimens are accustomed to relish on potato slices, that are truly appreciated - My aquatic gardens remain intact; on the other hand, a 5 cm thick potatoe slice is consumed in two days, for 4 adult snails.


Besides superior vegetals, any type of food may become snailfood ... meat, dead fishes, bread, ...


Finally I wish to add a small detail as these snails are often considered as waste disposal units. It is a fact that they take care of dead fisfes or food surplus in no time ... but they produce at least as much waste as they eat ... they are by no means a substitute to the weekly water change !!!


Zoom on the radula. The snail does not hesitate to come to the surface to feed. If need ne it leaves its support and floats in order to better reach food.