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Xenotrophe's site !


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Vince's Page, personal aquaria experience that shows interest in all its aquaria life, including snails.

All the Web Aquaria hobbyism in one click. this site evolves a lot and numerous possibilities are presented.  the Forum is very interesting, with a brand new concept.
Beautiful personal site that transmits all the positive spirit of the Net.
Young Brazilian site for Astronotus Ocellatus lovers.
As it says, if you want to know it all about M'Bunas ... 
Well conceived site, mainly on Cichlids.  Multiples advice, picture gallery.
Beautiful site, the concept proposed is quite new and gives the hobbyists multiple ways to express themselves.
Aquaria hobbyism referencing site - loads of links.
Welcome to the Cichlid Tank Beau-ti-ful, innovative, filled with info. What more can I say, aren't you there yet ??
Extra fine looks, easy surf-through and tons of info - a Must-See of the Web.
PHAROS - a site that proposes an objective assessment of aquaria oriented sites.
Eric Devantay's site, it doesn't really handle aquaria matters (but a pond is a huge aquarium, right ? ... ) nevertheless, it is so beautiful I strongly recommend it for the peace of mind and beauty one can observe in it.
A databank on and for amateur fish breeders as well as for hobbyists - for exchanges.  Excellent initiative, very useful and original
Excellent site mainly dedicated to cichlids, numerous sections and pics, a must see.
Hilario's site - filled with useful info and soooo beautiful.
La base de données aquariophile collaborative. Aquabase, associative concept, very promising.
Aqualien - anuário aquariofilo muito completo.
Aquariomania - an inner aquaria hobbyists world.
A killyfish lover who has decided to provide info - interesting
Very nice Brazilian nice.
30 years of practice and passion for the hobby, Véronique's site only presents personal experience - have a look at it !
Fred has developped around the concept of RESPECT for Carrasius auratus.  A lesson of know-how and respect for animal life that should be applied by all hobbyists.  Strongly recommended.
The quantity and quality of data Robyn proposes is impressive, visit him.
The French Internet Aquarist Association - Excellent site
Excellent site on P. clarkii.
Promising hobbyist site.
Very promising site filled with common (good) sense.