Neritina natalensis

The shell is upside down, the snail is starting to come out. Neritinas are able to perform an extension in order to re-position. Re-positionng is done, now the shell beauty is clearly visible.

Family:  Neritinidae

Sub-family: Neritina

Origin: South Africa

Scientific Name: Neritina natalensis (Reeve, 1845)

Size: 2 cm

Breething: aquatic, through gills

Temperature:  22 to 26°C

Utility: algae eater

 Particularity: sexes are distinct.

The eggs are laid on any solid surface (plants, stones, ...), the development of juveniles is very slow.

This Neritina species seems to be one of the rare ones that live in freshwater.


These eggs lay on a "Mopani" type root that is covered with algae.

The position of the radula clearly indicates that this snail is an algae eater.

Last pic, just for the sight.