Lattest Data Additions

21/01/2002 - New link to ZAWE.COM, have a peek !

05/01/2002 - Aspatharia anceyi is entitled a file, as well as Spekia zonata; the specimens were given by an explorer friend who is also a passionate aquaria hobbyist.

27/05/2001 - Melanoides granifera is now included in the site; new link with Modecreative.  Update in the "Thank you" section.

13/05/2001 - Erratum for the latest bivalve file addition, misidentified the recently acquired Margaritifera.

30/04/2001 - Addition of a file on Viviparus viviparus and a file on Cleopatra Johnstoni, update of the Mollusca endemic to Europe and Phylogeny sections. Also a new link to Lagostim do Louisiana.

28/04/2001 - Addition of a file on Unio pictorum and elimination of the "exchange list".

08/04/2001 - New link to Cyberaqua, the French Aquaria hobbyists Internet Association.

02/04/2001 - Better pics of Lanystes lybicus. Ramshorn and Physa eggs pics. Elimination of the Zoom section.

25/03/2001 - New pics in the Pachymelania section, the three varieties are now represented.

19/03/2001 - Lanistes lybicus makes its entry in the Ampullariidae section.

18/03/2001 - New pic at the Pachymelania section.

16/03/2001 - New pics of Neritina natalensis ... the eggs !!!

09/03/2001 - A new technical file has been added, on the species Pachymelania fusca.

26/02/2001 - One more link, filled with data ! Fishes, snails, crustacea, plants, aquaria, ponds, etc etc ... pay a visit to Robyn and enjoy the visit.

25/02/2001 - Small data addition in the Syrnolopsis minuta section.  Correction in the Recommended Shops section.  A new link , in the Snail Links section.

17/02/2001 - Finally an update on this site, was Ampoule sleeping or what ?!  In order to compensate a little, here's first of all a fine aquaria site developped by Fred on the Respect for the Goldfish, pay him a visit it is really worthwile.

16/12/2000 - A new link has been added to L'Aquarium de Véronique, one of the sites worth your time and attention on the Net.

10/12/2000 - Start of a Newsgroup.

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13/11/2000 - The new section on Neritina natalensis will continuously develop.

12/11/2000 - Another link, Aquarismo Online, animated by Marne Campos from Brazil.

11/11/2000 - A new link has been added to Ampoule's Must Sees, Gilles site is evolving and proves quite interesting.

10/11/2000 - Four new pictures in the Limnaea section, including an awesome view of the eggs. And thee new pics in the Planorbes section.

31/10/2000 - Two new pictures and a little more data at the Limnaea section.

29/10/2000 - The editorial, a section that will periodically change, exposing the mood of Ampoule.  Two more pics for P.canaliculata. One pic offered by Ronaldo Hilgbert, the eggs in the natural habitat.

23/10/2000 - The final pic about the differenciation between Pomacea bridgesi an Pomacea canaliculata.

22/10/2000 - New pic of Melanoides tuberculata and some new data about Syrnolopsis minuta.

21/10/2000 - New pics in the Egg-laying and Feeding sections on Ampullariidae. Also an addendum at the Bridgesi VS Canaliculata section.

20/10/2000 - A new picture on the "Physa" section, the eggs and another one at the "Empty shells" section.

27/09/2000 - New links, Aquariomania and Aqualien

11/09/2000 - Another link, Aquabase is THE associative aquarists concept.

04/09/2000 - Une belle photo d'Atya Moluccensis, courtoisie d'Hilario.

03/09/2000 - One more link in the Aqua links sections, Hilario's "l'Aquariophilie Facile", bold and beautiful :-)

29/08/2000 - An addition to the "Snail links section", an excellent one !

27/08/2000 - A crayfish has laid eggs, pics of this wonderful event.

26/08/2000 - New section, "Sea Shells".  If you are a little patient and wish to see beautiful shells collected on the sea shore.

26/08/2000 - The section on "The Webmaster" is finally available.

20/08/2000 - Small update in the "Crayfish" section, quite important regarding les Ampullariidae !

19/08/2000 - Suppression of the Guestbook and substitution of the latter by the section News, certainly more useful for websurfers.  Small addition in the "Syrnolopsis Minuta" section (about their feeding).  Updating of the "Exchange-List" section.  Addition of a new site in the Aqualinks section, "Les Cichlidés de Robert et Michael".

16/08/2000 - Addition of a new site in the Aqualinks section, "Baqua".

15/08/2000 - Suppression of the "Cestods" icon and creation of the "Crayfish" section, the relationship with snails is quite interesting. Addition in the "Syrnolopsis Minuta" section (3 pics).

14/08/2000 - Suppression of the Chat and creation of the "Recommended Shops" section, about shops I recommend due to their originality, sympathy and for the fact that they are "snail-friendly" :-).

12/08/2000 - Addition of a new site in the Aqualinks section, Eric Devantay's site, "Aquariums et Etangs".