Pachymelania fusca

Melanoides tuberculata de taille identique pour comparaison

Family des Pleuroceridae

Sub-family: Pleurocerinae

Origin: habitat ranges from Senegal to Angola.  My specimens come from Cameroon and were collected some kilometres from the mouth of river Wouri.

Recent distribution: /

Description:  highly varied sculpture with 3 named forms - "granulosa" with numerous low ribs crossed by spiral grooves; "fusca" with two greatly elevated spiralridges; and "mutans" which is carinate above but granular below.

Scientific Name: Pachymelania fusca (Gmelin, 1791)

Size: maximum 4,5 cm.

Breething: aquatic, through gills.

Temperature: 22 to 32°C

Utility: eats fish food surplus and moves the soil.

Particularities: adapts perfectly to freshwater but prefers brackish water.


Pachymelania fusca Var. granifera.
Pachymelania fusca Var. fusca.
Pachymelania fusca Var. mutans.

    Thanks to Martin Khol and Richard Goldberg who provided me the elements to identify this species.