Above view, real size = 4 mm. Physa marmorata. Operculum view, real size = 4 mm.
Zoom on the eggs. This jelly-like mass contains the eggs.  In this case it was laid on the glass but it may be laid anywhere, on the plants or on the decor.

Origin: Europe

Scientific name: Physa marmorata

Size: 6 mm

Breathing: aerial, through lungs

Temperature:  0 to 25°C

Utility: major algae eater


Physa reproduce very quickly and seem - if they live in difficult conditions (polluted water, numerous  predators, lack of food, ...) - to have the capacity to reproduce parthenogenetically.  I kept a single specimen for a long time (several months), that produced about a hundred juveniles as soon as I placed it in another aquarium.

Physa cannot be considered as pretty as their small size prevents the hobbyist from admiring their shell.  On the other hand, they eat lots of algae and do not harm the  plants.


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