Ramshorn Snails



Scientific name: Biomphalaria glabrata for the most common

Super-family: Lymnaeoidea

Family: Planorbidae

Sub-family: Planorbinae

Genera: Bulinus and Planorbis

Origin: all tropical and temperate regions of the globe

Size: 2 to 3 cm

Breathing: aerial, through lungs

Temperature: from 10 to 32°C


The position of the mouth shows this snail is mainly an algae eater.

Superb picture taken in an aquarium.

The  juvenile body is visible through the translucid shell. (2mm)
Egs on the front glass. (5mm) The operculum.


Utility: major algae eater

Particularity: ramshorn shaped shell, which has earned them the name of "Ramshorn Snails"


These guests of our aquaria lay their eggs as a jello like mount, generally on the aquarium glass but plants also seem to be a choice for egg-laying.

In their natural habitat, they have a preference for slow moving rivers or dormant water marshes.  Among some twenty species known in Central Europe, Biomphalaria Glabrata has a shell size that varies from 2 to 3 cm.


 Planorbarius and its eggs


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