Spekia zonata



   Scientific name: Spekia zonata (Woodward 1859)

Common name:  Tanganyika nerita

Origin: Africa, endemic to lake Tanganyika; the specimens were collected at Gitwe II (Km 20 South of Bujumbura, near Gakora), in Burundi.

Familly: Pleuroceridae 

Sub-familly: paramelaniinae

Sub-class: Streptoneura / prosobranchia

Size: 1 cm

Breething: aquatic, through gills

Temperature:  presently maintained at 19C.  the temperature at collection site is of 23 26C, decreasing to 3 - 5C at the depth of 10 metres.


Utility: eats the algae that encrust on the front face of the aquarium.

Remark: particularly appreciates solid surfaces, never goes to the substrate. The collection site is a rocky shore. This species is present from a depth of 20 cm to 2 metres.


Feeding on the front face of the aquarium.

Note the radula, the reduced size of the foot which doesn't outsize the shell and the small antennae. All these elements apparently indicate a systematic defensive posture.



This prosobranch exclusively lives on the solid elements of the substrate. Movement is very slow. Concerning its feeding habits, it doesn't take any interest on superior algae such as  cladophora, it neglects plants and cadavers. Food proposed by the aquarium trade is also neglected.

This  gastropod is extremely specialized, the presence of appropriate food is an essenial factor for its maintenance.