Syrnolopsis Minuta


Familly: Thiaridae

Sub-familly: Syrnolopsinae

Origin: the specimens studied were captured around Lake Barombi (Cameroon), nevertheless this species is often mentioned as endemic to Lake Tanganyika. The initial migration might therefore have occured through birds faeces. It is present on Lake Barombi and all surrounding water streams


Scientific name: Syrnolopsis Minuta, Bgt 1885

size: 5 cm X 2 cm

Breathing: aquatic, through gills.

Temperature: 22 to 32°C

Utility: it feeds out of food remainders and moves the soil, however it is not as active as melanoides...


Young specimens (real size 2cm). About to dig-in. Size comparison and space sharing with Pomacea bridgesi.


They seem to have a preference for the algae that encrust on the glass that is most exposed to daylight.  This may be a solution for the hobbyists that are tired of scratching glass during the algae removal operation.

I've just started a Tanganyika regional aquarium, the decor being based on "Moon stones", the latter rapidly got covered with a thin layer of algae, have a look at the result :-)