Ampoule Thanks You


I make a point in thanking the following persons:


Michel (xenotrophe) and Kathy, for their support during the first trials to elaborate these pages, and for the fisrt reciprocal link to this site.


Liliane Moeremans, for her gentleness, for having encouraged me to share knowledge and know-how and for having shown me another form of aquaria commerce as well as other hobbyists with which I can discuss fishes, snails, ... not forgetting the splendid pictures, even if they have nothing to do with the cichlids of lake Tanganyika :-)

Stijn Ghesquiere, Dutch Webmaster (also Belgian), for having granted me the use of his pictures as well as for providing data on other snail species, as well as Harald Hauer, German Webmaster, for his splendid pictures of P. flagelata et P. glauca.

Laurent Paigne, French Webmaster, for this site splendid banner and other elements of information and tools proposed.

Martin Khol for helping me to identify several mollusca species.

Andreas Karge, for having offered among others the Melanoides granifera.


Mister Ngewo, for sending me, among others the Cleopatra johnstoni.